Chicago 5/14

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Having read reviews from early-tour shows and seeing last night's top notch performance, I am reminded of seeing other formative tours and that I used to relish watching get better with each new show. Tours, like any art, don't become masterpieces in one sitting. They're working bodies that get better with each new development and last night's show showed perfection in the making.

The crowd warmed quickly to Ethel and embraced Joe with open arms. What a great storyteller and troubadour. A tad overmiked, but his performance was heartfelt and held the audience captive with every song.

Todd was at his best from beginning to end. Jovial, sharp and sounding as good as ever. The full bodied sound of "Black and White" and Hawaiin version of "Bang the Drum" were showstoppers but the highlight was clearly the finale with all three artists contributing to "Black Maria" the best orchestration of "While My Guitar Gently Weeped" ever arranged. George was smiling down on all on stage.

Once again, Todd showed innovation and passion for his music and fans.

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05/14/2005 - Cadillac Palace Theatre - Chicago, IL

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