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Wow, I had seen the show in Milwaukee the night before so I was Geeked and ready for this one. Meeting up with connection pals both nights made the show real special. there were people I knew all over the place. I was in the dress circle and our seats were great. We could see all over the place. Ethal was a nice treat. I enjoy hearing music with a twist from a traditional standpoint.

Joe was good voice not as strong as the night before on some notes but still able to deliver a good show.

Todds set seemed shorter we didn't get afterlife like the night before in milwaukee. people seemed so mutch better for this show no loud heckling and rude behavier. Pretending to care was just so moving for me . when an artist hits right on in notes its pure pleasure to hear. I love to hear music in its almost naked form just a voice and simple music to guide it through the song.

for me it was just a man and his music. and his voice was in the mood to Sing.

I cannot wait to see what ever comes next in tours for me

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05/14/2005 - Cadillac Palace Theatre - Chicago, IL

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