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Way back when I saw magic....

Todd Rundgren is like being home. Life, loves, pets and family come and go. Throughout it all since I was 18 years old there has always been his music. It lifts me, calms me, comforts me. I started going to his shows again a few years ago. This tour, he is the best I have ever seem him solo. I love his sense of humor. The line in Milwaukee when he said he could clear the room by offending each and everyone of us. Priceless.

Joe Jackson was great. His set includes some beautiful touching songs. Nice for Todd, I was glad that the two of them hooked up for this tour. Ethel is also a good call it makes the show interesting and the combo of the 3 made it a real treat. Chicago was a good show too. Different, I liked it better of the two shows. Milwaukee seemed a bit rushed, but Todd has his job down.

Can you imagine what it must be like to sing the songs you wrote at various times in your life over and over again. I wonder if the songs remind him of the people and events that were happening at the time? Does if feel like he's visiting his past when he does them?

I'm happy that I have the show in LA to see tomorrow.

BRAVO Todd, I bow to you and kiss your hand! You always touch my heart when you sing.

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05/14/2005 - Cadillac Palace Theatre - Chicago, IL

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