Chicago - Cadillac Palace Theatre

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I got to the show a Todd Rundgren worshiper, I left a Joe Jackson fan. This show conceptually didn't work for me. The musical differences between Joe and Todd are too sharp to have a cohesive effect. Sorry, but I need that. Ethel was challenging and I need that too. Loved 'em. I'm fairly familiar with Joe's work and I've seen him a couple of times in the past. I particularly enjoyed him last night as it was a chance to get intimate with his musical genius. In fact the highlight of the whole night for me was his song, "Love at First Light." Very touching. Todd's set, as someone else here remarked was very safe. Too safe. I would have given anything to have been treated to "Afterlife." But instead it was the same dozen songs or so we've heard a hundred times in the past. Don't get me wrong, most I love, and some that for me just don't translate to a stage setting. "Song of the Viking" on stage has always been 3 and half minutes of my life I'll never get back. "Pretending to Care" was a nice diversion, but not the transcendent moment that I'd hoped for. You know how it goes when everyone builds up something and then it doesn't live up to the hype? A pleasant enough evening but I'd give anything to hear Todd venture out further into his catalogue. Sometimes Todd's a funnier comedian than he is interesting musician. That's how it was for me last night.

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05/14/2005 - Cadillac Palace Theatre - Chicago, IL

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