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this show was my first of two this tour.

small venue beatiful place.

so seating felt close enough to the stage.

this was only my 7th Tr concert.

I enjoyed hearing the old songs and must say I laughed so hard I was in tears hearing the Bang uke version. ( couldn't have happend to a better song) A few hecklers were in the crowd about his jacket and I thought that Rundgren was going to go Oprah on all of us.

his humour was in rare form. Telling us DON"T GET ME STARTED!!!!!!!! and thats when he preceeded to say that he could clear this whole theatre and offend each of us one by one.

He had mentioned somthing about doing all his numbers with no less than an 80 piece ensamble.

I cheered loudly.

his reply to the crowd was oh yea wait till you see the ticket price for that. I'm Ready I'll pay.

Hearing Just Todd and his songs were great for me but like I said before I haven't seen him live so mutch.

Beloved infe.... was a rare treat just to hear the voice.

I liked Ethal it reminded me of going to various type concets with my mom as a child.

Joe Jackson the man and his piano was great.

this was my first time seeing Joe Jackson.

I loved the whole show it as a good warm up for the next nights Chicago show.

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05/13/2005 - Pabst Theater - Milwaukee, WI

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