Fitzgerald and St. Paul

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I must say that the reviews posted thus far were not of the concert, but that of Big D. He has a right to his opinion and he is not the one that was on tour. So stick with a review of the touring minstrels, OK?

The Strings were in and of themselves well executed, but after 2 songs I was ready for Todd.

Joe Jackson was playing and singing a set full of pathos and it saddened me immensely. His voice was most unbearable and mundane. I do think he can seek redemption on the piano and should stick with the ivories only.

I have to beg the question as to how the 3 of you hooked up. I do not think it was fitting of any of you to collaborate in the same show. I guess the only thing that it did for me was to establish who the master of the show last night was. Is that the reason why Todd chose to do tours with the lesser of talents? It doesn't change my opinion of him or his music. Please bring your band next time, Todd!I wanted to hear "Afterlife" as I saw it was done in other shows on this tour. That was a major disappointment, but one cannot please everyone. This may have been my last TR show.

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05/12/2005 - Fitzgerald Theater - Saint Paul, MN

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