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let me be the first to say this-what a remarkable performance by each artist-ethel was so dramatic in their performance-you can tell these musicians absolutely love what they do and they do it with such inspiration-its obvious by the look on their faces and the way they handle their instruments-joe jackson is such a humble man-ive never seen him before and was amazed at his ability even though ive only heard him on albums-remember those-he seems so modest and simple but very involved with his piano-then theres todd-well one can never say enough about todd-hes done so much for the music industry for sooooo many years-not to mention his computer wizardry-anyway-this show was a remarkable exhibition of talent ten times over-todd loves columbus and columbus loves todd-now they love ethel and joe jackson-keep up the good work each of you-let the others involved in this art to never conform-always step beyond the norm-the fans are there-please continue to be my inspiration and healing-nancee-todd's biggest fan-hhaaaaa

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05/10/2005 - Promowest Pavilion - Columbus, OH

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