Todd, Joe, and Ethel at the “Pavillion de Promowest,” Columbus

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I’d say they have hit their stride. What a show--very professional. The sound was incredible—the perfect mix of voice and instruments—and LOUD!

I was quite impressed with Ethel. Such intensity and energy. Although they all had music stands in front of them they mostly played with eyes closed—furiously!

Never seen Joe live. What a treat. He does seem shy. He never made eye contact with the audience during a song. Trying to keep his focus I presume.

Todd was on! He went through his 50-minute set without much banter. It wasn’t flawless but damn near. Most of the songs he performed solo are highly complex arrangements. The guitar strumming in parts of Afterlife, for example, is a different time than his vocals. How does he do that?? Incredible. No boring 3 chords for Our Hero!

The crowd was very appreciative. TR said “Don’t be so easy” following a standing ovation after Tiny Demons.

Highlights for me:
The pre-show gathering with fans at Fat Eddies (you know who you are).
The Wheel
Real Men
Black Maria

Can’t wait till Chicago.


4 tunes


Home Town
Steppin' Out
Awkward Age
Take It Like a Man
It's Different for Girls
Obvious Song
Love at First Light
Be My Number Two
Citizen Sane
Is She Really Going Out With Him?
Love of the Common Man 
Tiny Demons
Black & White 
I Don't Want to Tie You Down 
I Saw the Light 
Song of the Viking 
Can We Still Be Friends? 
Hello It's Me 
Bang the Drum 
The Wheel
Real Men

Pretending to Care

While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Black Maria

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05/10/2005 - Promowest Pavilion - Columbus, OH

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