The Ryman

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Hi, my wife and I live in Nashville TN and saw the Todd/Joe concert last night here. Sadly, and even Joe mentioned this during his set, this was the smallest audience he played for so far on this tour!!

Yes, the RYMAN Auditorium was probably 1/4 to 1/2 full. I was very surprised, but then, I shouldnt be...this is city...that's a lot of bs...if one goes to music row...there are many for sale/vacanies where a lot of studios and recording facilities once were!!!

The concert was advertised in the SCENE, but the attendence was soso. When we saw the LIARS tour last year at The Exit INN here in Nashville, the turnout was a couple hundred. Talking to several people at that show, they had followed the tour and said the venues were sold out. Why is Nashville 'indifferent' to Todd, let alone Joe? Maybe I should write a review of last night's show and comment on this. I guarantee that many who came, where from out of the area. BTW, I noticed that Nashville show was not 'highlighted', probably since no one you knew was going or had intentions to do a review. Also, we are big Joe J fans and this was the first time seeing him live. WOW is he a priceless gem of a musician.

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05/09/2005 - The Ryman - Nashville, TN

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