St. Louis show

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St Louis was an excellent show. Joe Jackson was very good but in my humble opinion Todd is a much better entertainer or should I say entertaining. The place was almost sold out. I have a comment to make about some of the other reviews. I have seen Todd more than 35 times. I have seen him with utopia, as a solo, and with numerous renditions with a band. I have never been disappointed. If things didn't go as planned they were still entertaining donét forget he is only human. We all have good days and bad days. Well as far as I am concerned St. Louis was a good day. I'm just thankful I can still see the man live and enjoy the music he is still creating, Liars was and is a great Album I hope there are many more to come. My wife and I have been to many concerts over the years and every time on the way home she will say what do you think. The answer is always the same, they were good but no Tood Rundgren, I guess I'm still one of the faithful.

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05/07/2005 - Orpheum Theater - St. Louis, MO

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