Cincinnati Ohio, Pork City

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For a veggie guy Todd talks about B-B-Q alot. He greeted the crowd at the Taft Theater with " Hello, Pork City." This was my first show up in the balcony but hey second row, not too bad. Got to see Todd and Joe's hands on the keyboard, so cool.

Ethel had there best reception yet. I thought the crowd truly enjoyed them. It was the HBO Deadwood stuff that set em off.

Joe was greeted warmly by the crowd and suggested they use the slogan " Cincinnati, It's not Cleveland." Second show in a row with a shot at Cleveland. I sense there are issues here. His set was great as always but he doesn't change his set up as much as Todd but tonight he did some and played John Lennon's Girl.

Todd's set was par excellence. The crowd was loving it except for the guy behind me that was telling his girlfriend or date how Todd should have been doing the songs he was playing. "Black & White with no band, that's not right!" Another Tour Director! Please fill out your application and stand at the back of the bus, while it's running, inhale deeply, thanks. But the trip was well worth it. Outstanding show, great town, excellent chili.( 5-way, I shit you not.) Even went to Kentucky and had a good time!

I've spent the last 16years traveling around using all my vacation time and retirement savings to see Todd shows. Big shows, little shows. Shows with bands, shows without. Todd playing with other stars and Todd playing... well you get the picture. And speaking of pictures when I look at the ones of past years it's not just of the great gigs he done but the great places he taken me and mine over those years and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Thank You Todd for still keepin it real, real cool and fascinating the whole time. And you know what you've heard this before but ignore em Todd, ignore the assholes.

Tony Burdgick

P.S. Just one more show, Chicago that Toddlin' town.

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05/06/2005 - Taft Theatre - Cincinnati, OH

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