Ann Arbor Michigan, no where like it in the U.S.A.

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Todd in my home state, my favorite town. Why do I say? Why should you care? I'll tell ya back in the day John Sinclair and some other folks who knew which way the wind blows thought they liked to see some change in the old town and got themselves elect to the City government and made a law that possessions of Marijuana under an ounce was a civil infraction and a $5 dollar fine.

Oh they've raised the fine to like $50 but still yet this is one of the only places you can fine where some of that tree hugging hippie shit actually changed something to the good.

And Todd was good too and I hope he knows what a special place it was he played at. The crowd was the most respectful crowds I have ever seen! They gave props to Ethel, they gave props to Joe. So much I thought it was a Joe crowd I was terrified I don't no why.

Todd came out and the house went wild! All right Todd's peeps were in the house! I saw the Light Bosa Nova. Was you talking to Jesse about those licks it was quite sweet Todd. Can We Still Be Friends on the piano was a gem. Thanks Todd.

You know a lot of people been talking smack on TR about the tour and the songs I think everyone got there own little Todd show playing in their head or they want to be the tour director or they are with those people who think they are in power cause they make the most noise and love to push our face in it.If it's not the way they want it, it's not right. You know the kind of people that mistreat fast food workers and convince store clerks. What's the word? oh yeah, ASSHOLES!

Todd is putting his all in to this production and Joe Jackson and Ethel, outstanding artist. The show was fantastic, which you were there.

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05/04/2005 - Michigan Theater - Ann Arbor, MI

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