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There's nothing better than when tR brings his show within 45 minutes of my house -- and of course, since it doesn't happen often enough, it was a total treat to partake in this show last night. No travel snafu's, parking for $2 was a breeze, walking the streets of Ann Arbor on a beautiful spring evening, enjoying a tasty meal and beers pre-show at an Irish pub and then taking my 3rd row seat just in time. It was all very good.

I totally enjoyed Ethel. I'm not much of a string fan -- give me guitars, piano, drums anytime -- but they were so talented that I really liked their set. It was the perfect length, not sure how much I would have enjoyed another number, so their timing was on the money.

Joe Jackson! Wow --- quite the performer, very personable, funny, very comfortable on stage, excellent on the big black equipment and his vocals were really good. It's a personal thing for me -- no slam to Joe -- but his songs all sound kinda the same to me. However, I thought it was a good mix w/ Ethel and Todd -- totally worked for a great overall show. I loved the cover song he did -- very fun -- can't remember the name of it, but it was from 1913 if that helps.

The audience was well behaved. Although I would have enjoyed a bit more enthusiasm surrounding me, I don't think I would have swapped that out for non-stop talking, beers being spilled on me, random brawls and people walking in front of me constantly. Overall, it was a good crowd and think they all enjoyed themselves! The place was packed. And.. the sound was pretty darn good too.

Todd's performance was so Todd. It's hard to find words to describe it -- it runs the gambit from being totally incredible to being ever so mildly disappointing. High points were Afterlife and Pretending to Care and almost everything else. Low point was Can We Still Be Friends on piano -- did he have to waste that opportunity? (Yea.. I told myself I wouldn't complain about the setlist, oops). Overall, I thought his voice was outstanding -- probably the best I've ever heard. His stage presence was huge and he was very witty as only he can be.


Love of The Common Man
Tiny Demons
I Saw the Light
I Don't Want To Tie You Down
Black and White

to the piano: Can We Still Be Friends Song of the Viking Hello It's Me

Bang on the Drum Afterlife Lysistrata

Encore: Can't remember JJ's number -- not Real Men Pretending To Care (there's no way to describe this ultimate tR performance) Weeps (this just keeps getting better and better) Black Maria

I want a do-over! His shows go by so quick -- it's over before you know. Final summary: Great show -- you gotta see it.

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05/04/2005 - Michigan Theater - Ann Arbor, MI

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