Michigan Theatre, May 4

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Delivered-To: 3-roger@rocemabra.com Yes, it was a beautiful day in ann arbor and the michigan theatre is a fine venue.

Yes, the venue was sold out or close to it.

Yes, the crowd was polite and respectful. hell, i've been to livlier funeral homes.

Yes, ethel was good - whatever it was they were doing.

Yes, joe jackson was excellent.

Yes, i love todd rundgren's music, creativity, talent, compassion, sense of humor , etc. more than any other artist by a mile.

Yes, when OH puts his mind and heart and talent to it - there is still MAGIC. 'pretending to care' may have been the best i have ever heard him.

Yes, with a few exceptions, the rest of the set list needs more care and attention and todd needs a band so that he can concentrate on the most beautiful and intense instrument of all - his voice.

And No, if i were trying to convert someone to a becoming a fan or take a newbie to impress them with the wizardry of TR - this would not be the concert to do that.

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05/04/2005 - Michigan Theater - Ann Arbor, MI

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