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Last night in A2 was a remarkable experience for me as a follower of Mr.Rundgren's for over 32 years. The show was VERY extaordinary,because of the Ethel-Joe Jackson X factor.They really added some real punch to the overall music mix--NOT THAT I'M SAYING I GETTING TIRED OF TR MUSIC!It was just an act of sheer genius to add them to Todd's dynamic show!-WOW!-Ethel was unbelievable-all of you "rock and roll potato-heads",who say."what's a string quartet doing at a rock conecert?",better get rid of your musical prejudices and mature into a lover of good music,as Todd and Joe are to add them to their show.Joe Jackson's song with Ethel was moving and well done,as was Todd's "Pretending to care about me" from "A capella"-Todd, for 56 can still ring those pipes!Alot of us are used to a certain type of form of Todd's concerts,tonight was very different and one of the best, and a refreshing change for our beloved wizard,keep on inovating,Todd --that's what separates him from the crowd of commercial jerks that only think of formulated shows to bring in bucks--GO SEE IT TODD FANS!!-ps."while my guitar gently weeps" was worth the price of the ticket--better the the Conan show performance!

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05/04/2005 - Michigan Theater - Ann Arbor, MI

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