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I got to tell ya they love their Todd in Cleveland and Todd must love it there too. He nailed his set in Cleveland.I can't see why anyone would shy away from this tour.I don't write set list and am ok with what TR wants to play, but I thought that the "with a twist" version of I Saw The Light was outstanding! It was some of his best guitar work of the night. I mean had he done this earlier in the tour? I don't remember reading it in past reviews, but for my money it was the shit! Black & White was the most rockin'est one person on stage you could ever want to see. I thought oh if only all the screaming from the folks could had been put into doing some of the backing vocals on this tune.

When Todd sat at the piano his first tune,and with that I got to throw in my 2 cents and say that I think this is the greatest single song Our Hero ever penned. Oh I know Hello It's Me is the favorite and Todd played that but, It Wouldn't Had Made Any Difference was just exquisite.

Ethel was really cool and different but they rocked with what they had. It was kind of like when they made you go get some culture back in school and you thought it would suck but when you got there it didn't but you didn't want to say so cause other guys would want to kick your ass. Ok enough of that it was cool.

Joe Jackson I had seen a few times before because you know Todd don't tour non stop. He is a schooled musician and writes and plays a lot of great music. His instrument of choice is the piano and is excellent on the keys.

When they got together at the end and mixed it all up it was worth the price of admission. Joe's The Other Me with the strings of Ethel recreated the album version from Laughter and Lust beautifully.Todd, oh you kid, Pretending To Care with Ethel the strings allow Todd to put everything into his voice using it as his instrument of choice. Just beautiful work here. While My Guitar Gently Weeps was a nice version with what was on stage and everyone had a part and contributed and at least this won't be the version they use to sell you a car or an erectile dysfunction drug. Black Maria you scare me so, they won't use this one to sell cars in any version and I say yeah!

Just one other thing Todd said before playing Bang ON The (jumping flea) that he talked to Ian Hunter the other day, which was greeted with some scoffs and laughter,and that "No shit I talked to Ian Hunter, I'm not a Republican I don't lie!" which was met with a smattering of boos. I think this might explain the bad reviews there's no doubt that the ruling class wants to distort all the news you get get it. But Todd went on to say that Ian told him Cleveland rocks! So do you Todd, so do you.

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05/03/2005 - Playhouse Square Center - Cleveland, OH

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