Todd, Joe and Ethel @ state theatre, Cleveland Ohio

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I decided to take my daughter (14) and her friend to the show last night, along with my wife. We had great seats in the side balcony. Great view of the whole stage! After reading reviews of the earlier shows, I was a little nervous showing off Todd to my daughter for the first time. I tried to warn her that this might not be Todd at his best and it sounded like the tour wasn't off to a great start. I could take or leave Ethel by themselves but later on I found out their true value to this tour. Joe Jackson was a pleasant surprise to all of us. He sure can play the piano! I think he enjoyed the Todd fans and he put on a great show. Todd came out and sounded terrific! My daughter has heard all his music and I made a cd to play of the tour songs so she would be familiar with them. She loved it! He was in great spirits, his voice was excellent and his piano playing and guitar work was a sight to behold. I agree with Roger's review about the idiot fans in Cleveland. I have seen Todd in Cleveland every tour since 1978 and the morons who show up to yell and get wasted should be sent to Irag! Luckily, our seats in the balcony provided us with excellent viewing and no idiots around us. Pretending to Care and Black Maria, as well as While My Guitar Gently Weeps were all worth the price of admission, thanks in great part to Ethel's contribution! Afterlife was outstanding. See the tour if you get a chance-it was "awesome" as my daughter said.

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05/03/2005 - Playhouse Square Center - Cleveland, OH

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