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This was a truly memorable night consisting of One of The eighties favorite Crooners, Joe Jackson. He was definitely exsquisite as a performer could be At The Palace. For someone as myself, Being a hard core fan of The TR-I, I truly enjoyed the way evryone interacted together onstage. Ethel was great although I had not heard of them before. Todd shows his innovativeness onstage with his solo performances. Anyone not liking Todd solo cannot appreciate what Todd is truly all about. He is is truly A Wizard and True Star. Todd has always broken barriers and inspires so many people in everyday life. He interacts with his "peoples". Makes us feel appreciated at every show I have attended. Wer Love you Todd as a performer and a real person that shows how much he truly cares through his music. Another great performance that I will cherish until the next one. (Cleveland Still Rocks!!!!!)

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05/03/2005 - Playhouse Square Center - Cleveland, OH

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