Todd, Joe and Ethel, Cleveland Ohio 5/3/05

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We actually were in the Hotel bar when Todd came down from his room at the Hotel and walked out the front door down the street a block to the venue, ha!! we missed him entirely, we were too busy eating! LOL! Then off to the show and unfortunatly I'm sorry to say this but in Cleveland there always has to be a few obnoxious drunks, this night one girl yelled out "Slut" and "You left me sore" between every song, Jeezuz!!! The other beef I have is that when you bother to get great seats for the show and these people from behind just keep coming down and taking pics standing in front of every-one, a few people actually ruined the flow of the show they were up and down the aisle so many times trying to get pics, sit down already!LOL! And of course there was the typical Cleveland fist fight in the front row, this time during WMGGW, that's Cleveland for ya! Ok the set lists were much the same as previous shows, the big surprises song wise were.... Joe did a wonderful, heartfelt version of "Girl" by the Beatles, very sweet, and Todd played "Afterlife" which was really different with just the acoustic guitar. Todd's funniest moment, and yes I am one of the people that think Todd is indeed funny, so this guy yells out "Todd, I got a question for you" Todd replies "This is not a press conference" Yeeeehaaa you go Todd!!! This show is very polished by now and I totally recommend going to any of you that have not been yet. I cautiously agree that solo shows are not my favorite shows by Todd, I just like it better when he has a band backing him, just personal preference for me BUT Todd is really standing up to the challenge with this tour and for me this show stood up with some of the best Todd shows I have seen.

I just wanted to add that there were many more than one photographers coming down and standing in the aisle that night blocking our views and I know for a fact that Laura Dems was not one of those, I know her from her pics from last year and she made sure to duck on her way down and sat in a seat the whole time she was shooting pics, the others stood in the aisle unconcerned about the people in the seats, I guess all the up and down stuff is just a bit distracting especially at a show like this. Thanks for offering to share your pics Laura, they look great! Deb

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05/03/2005 - Playhouse Square Center - Cleveland, OH

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