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well the show for myself and my 8 year old daughter actually began before the show as we were driving down euclid ave towards the theatre. walking down the street towards us was a tall man with black hair with lighter hair on top and i said s.o.b. rachel its Todd ! So if anyone saw a man and a little girl stopped in the middle of euclid waving and flipping out in a red mustang convertable sorry,that was us.-----on to the show

Ethel--- not a big fan of string quartets, actually not a fan of string quartets at all so i guess i would'nt know a good one if they hit me over the head with a cello. came up with two ideas to improve their act. 1) have them explode at the end ala monty python or 2) hire a guy with a bass drum to march behind them. Joe--- Stop the presses! its not todd that "screws the pooch" on the big hit but joe on Is she really going out with him. Cracks up laughing when the crowd is singing along and completly loses his place and misses most of the 2nd verse. Actually i've been a joe fan for 25 years but this is the 1st time i've seen him live. i would definetly go see him again especially with a band. i will be buying Volume 4 as i don't have that yet.

Todd--- 3rd time i've seen him solo and would rate this one in the middle. they were all good,actually 2 years ago in cleveland was damn near magical, but this was good. it was a todd crowd no doubt. good outing on the piano with several hits, rbi's and no solo version of Hello its me i've seen. Todd compared his piano playing to going to the Rainforest Cafe. "you never know when its going to go wild". Don't know if todd is still reading these but he did comment on the jibes of predictability from reviewers. well- i like the rainforest cafe. Tiny demons was excellant and yes, Pretending to care was worth the price of admission in itself. One last note--as of this moment there are still 4th row seats avalable through ticketmaster for the Columbus show 5-10-05 !! how bout Compassion for columbus?

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05/03/2005 - Playhouse Square Center - Cleveland, OH

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