5/1 Bardavon Review

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Went to Poughkeepsie as a JJ fan. Only TR album I own is 'Greatest Hits'. So, hope i can provide an un-biased opinion.

Ethel was well-recieved. (Note to Ethel: ix-nay on the Indian music; Western ears just can't get into it).

JJ was proficient. "Not the Same For Girls" got the biggest ovation.

Now, for TR - remember I've never seen him before, so can't compare to previous shows. But I was pleasantly surprised; having learned from fans that he could be "uneven". Voice was very strong and displayed great range. Guitar and piano-playing were better-than-adequate. He didn't break a string till his last tune. Wondered how many people noticed the Latin flavor to "I Saw the Light" (with a little LP behind him it would have been very cool). Did anybody else get the feeling that JJ treated each of his songs as a proud creation that he presents for his audience, but TR seemed bored by many of his tunes and he just phoned-it-in? Nonetheless, the highlight of the evening was final encore, "Black Maria?". The ensemble worked together very well and very effectively. Overall, i was quite impressed with TR. If I felt he gave-a-damn I'd probably be raving.

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05/01/2005 - Bardavon Opera House - Poughkeepsie, NY

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