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a beautiful spring day in the catskills! what a fantastic day to travel to see the one and only TR. and of course joe and ethel.

woodstock radio station WDST has a pre-show party at the cutest cafe, the demi-tasse. it has this fantastic back patio. 'DST gave away 2 front row tix, and 1 was hoping to win. instead i met some very kind Todd fans. and had some great java.

ethel did a great job, loved the number from finland. it wasn't to everyone's taste but if you like that kind of thing, ethel was a treat.

joe jackson did a fine job. definitely demonstrating the evolution of music in the last century by playing a 1913 music hall number from a film he will be in coming out this summer. forget the name. well, this song contrasted very nicely with the following number off of his new album. i can't technically describe the difference but to my ears, joe's song writing is far superior and pleasing than the music we would have been loving 90 years ago! and thank heavens music HAS evolved!

had a chance to say thanks after the show to this artist that i first noticed in the '80's (JOE). he can craft a fine tune. isn't it terrible the way we end up saying inane things when meeting people who are famous? he was kind, but very uncomfortable with fans. he seems shy... i think he is cute and neat in his way.

now for the real reason that i made this long trek.... todd. he looked good, his voice was good, his guitar playing was wonderful. (he really got rocking on the black acoustic guitar). his commentary was minimal, but i enjoyed it. my friend jonathan commented that he thought it was kind of republican, the tone of the whole tour.

i'd love to hear johnny jingo live. lysistrada will have to do. any of the women paying attention? girl power that's what he's talking about!

so glad to hear AFTERLIFE. one of my personal all time favorite TR songs. along with BUFFALO GRASS and WORLD WIDE EPIPHANY and BELOVED INFIDEL. wish he had gone into a prolonged version of afterlife. i could have listened to that one for 15 or 20 minutes alone..

tiny demons was kind of mesmerizing and lulling. i was wishing for him to rock while listening. so not a high point of show. cool song, but a little slow. he kept commenting on it being a sunday night and not wanting to wear us out too much.... hmmm i had monday off...

all in all, so glad i came, good sound good people good venue. good times good times. bittersweet as only show i'll see for a while. too short on the todd side, i missed not having him play longer.

but it is better for him. he deserves an easier tour. last year's LIARS was so intense and amazing. very intense. and i am CONFIDENT that the LIARS dvd will be definitely a keeper. i was at the show and it was excellent.

well, that's all from one silly fan of the artist formerly known as TR-i... love you TR. keep the faith man... peace, kdh

ps: if there is any truth in the rumors that TR has had headaches.... will someone please try to explain to him the value in alternative medicine? this is one thing that he doesn't even seem to be aware of. how massage, chiropractic, nutrition, and exercise can transform one's life from one of frequent pain and taking stupid med's, to deeper connection with the real essential self.

we all need RECONNECTING continually throughout life....

end soapbox...

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