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I usually just read the reviews here but wanted to give my impression of last night. I am a fan of both artists. It was a packed house with, I would guess, equal fans for each artist.

If you've never been there, Foxwoods is a casino in Connecticut. It is, in itself, a very odd experience...even if you are just walking thru to get to the theater. The sound in the theater is not great and I felt like everyone was too loud the whole night.

First, the string quartet Ethel was very good. Different, loud, rocking, they played what amounted to killer guitar solos but on violin.

Then came Joe. He started with Hometown and Steppin Out. A couple of missteps but he got comfortable after that. I thought his voice sounded excellent. He was in a great mood and talkative. I love him solo on piano so really enjoyed his portion of the show. He did Bowie's Life on Mars which was a treat. When he played the slower songs, they had a sparkling background behind him, first little purple lights, then green, then on one song purple and green :-) It was funny. At one point he remarked that he had never played in front of such a "gorgeous" backdrop.

Anyways, the audience was great and he got a huge standing ovation at the end of his set.

So on to Todd. I had read a few reviews before going and have seen Todd a couple of times before so it really wasn't a surprise. He was ok and had some fun with the audience. But he didn't sound great.

But what was so surprising was when he did a song with Ethel. He chose a song from his Acapella cd. Probably the most difficult song he sang last night. It was just brilliant. He voice was amazing. Ethel backing him on the song was perfect. My brother remarked that it was the one song he sang with any emotion and I think that sums it up.

Joe did Real Men with Ethel and again it was a brilliant combination. And everyone doing While My Guitar Gently Weeps was a great finish. They all came out for an encore and did Todd's Black Maria - which went a little long.

The show was definitely worth seeing for me, if only for the Joe/Ethel, Todd/Ethel performances. Those alone made it worthwhile.

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04/30/2005 - Foxwoods Casino - Mashantucket, CT

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