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During the last 21 years, I've seen Todd about 35 times. I've never felt disappointed, although I do agree that some shows are better than others. The show at Foxwoods was excellent. I thought Todd's voice and his level of energy were great. Joe Jackson and Ethel were also great to watch, although I hate sharing my 2 hours/year with other performers.

I really feel the need to comment on the venue. The theatre was nice enough and the sound was good. But I HATE competing for the good seats and tickets with gamblers who don't even care who they're watching. In all of these years I have never worried about a show being "sold out". I called for my tickets the beginning of April and was told I was getting the last 2 seats! When we arrived we were escorted to the farthest possible seats. There was NO WAY I was going to stay there - it was quite a slap in the face considering how much I love this guy. My wonderful husband was able to trade in our tickets (after the show started) and get much better seats which had been reserved for the "gamblers". Why aren't those people escorted to the nose bleed section?

I propose that they should devise some system for places like this, that those who love him the most get the best seats. There were lots of vacant seats up front and on the balconies!

So Todd, if you're reading this... PLEASE how about Toads place again? Or the Webster Theatre in Hartford? I love seeing you, but I HATE stepping foot in the casinos.

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04/30/2005 - Foxwoods Casino - Mashantucket, CT

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