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Just wanted to add my 2 cents about the Foxwoods show.

Todd sounded great and was pretty much flawless throughout the night. Playing was good as was his voice. He did seem to give it his all. He was his usual sarcastic and witty self between songs. But something seemed to be missing Saturday night. He usually seems to be more in touch with the audience, his fans. I didn't sense that last night. After the show, and I've seen over 30 of them, Todd always signs or shakes hands. Even with Ringo. This time, nothing. There was even a young kid in the front who wanted an autograph. Maybe he was pissed at something or just not feeling good. I do know he had arrived at Foxwoods just after 8:00, and his set was cut short. So, maybe he was somewhat upset.

Song selection: Needs to be changed. I'm not saying to cut out HIM, ISTL, IWHMAD or even BTD. He is playing to a new audience (joe jackson fans) and these hits need to be played. But I have heard LOTCM, Cliché, Song of the Viking just to many times. I will always go to Todd shows but I'd like to see him mix it up more. He has to have over 250 songs he could play. Granted not all would be given justice with just a piano or guitar. But how about Maybe I could change, or Sometimes I don't know what to feel. Love is the Answer would have been a good one. Performed that one with just a piano during A Cappella tour. Plus his voice, although in good form Saturday, can't hit those notes as in the 70s. That's why I think Afterlife sounded so great. It was sung as it was recorded. I did enjoy the show and will always live and breath TR but I would like to see song selections change a bit.

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04/30/2005 - Foxwoods Casino - Mashantucket, CT

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