Foxwoods 4/30/05

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Well, the 3 hour trip from New Hampshire to Connecticut was definitely worth it. To be truthful any kind of trip to see Todd is worth it. The bonus was that I'm a Joe Jackson fan as well. This one was quite a treat for me. I've never been disappointed with a Todd show. Not even my first experience at 13 waiting for Utopia to go on stage in Providence 1982 during their "Suits" tour. I think it was around 11pm or so. I'm still as excited to see Todd as I was that night. Like a 13 year old kid seeing his idol for the first time. I still look on in awe when he takes the stage.

So you got the song list already. All three artists were great in my opinion. Not flawless by any means but if I wanted that I'd sit home and listen to the cds.....or watch Ahslee Simpson play live on SNL.

The sound!!!! I was three rows from the back and it sounded like Todd was singing and playing through a megaphone. Kind of a piercing sound. I don't believe it was too loud I just think that whoever is mixing this has a horrible ear for sound. That was the only thing I didn't care for this evening......well that and Todd's shortened set.

The Somerville 2003 show will also stand out in my mind as the best acoustic show I have witnessed to date. This show however has already immortalized itself for what Todd called "The Big Payoff!". The shows 4 finale songs with all three artists playing is outstanding and amazing. Would have been nice to see a full hour of all three artists on stage.

To sum up, Ethel, Joe Jackson, Todd Rundgren, any one of these artists were worth the ticket price. I'd say I got more than my moneys worth from this show. Go see it. Stop worrying about who might screw up and go and see these guys. They won't be around forever.

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04/30/2005 - Foxwoods Casino - Mashantucket, CT

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