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Everything would have been perfect last night If the lame-ass State Theatre didn't have the audacity to cut Todd's set 15 mins. short. I guess these old folks wanted to get to bed. We live around this place and have to wait years for an act of this caliber. They usually have people like Carrot Top there. No offense Carrot Top, but you do suck. So why so mad? We were gypped "Hawking", Beloved Infidel" and "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away". I have to deal with that emotionally.

That said: ETHEL is a lot better than indicated in some of these reviews. I've never seen classical musicians play with that kind of fiery intensity. J.J. sang and played beautifully and songs from his new disk sound great. The pairing of these two artists was an excellent idea. Let's admit it fans: we love the fact that we don't have to shell out $200 to see these artist in an uncomfortable arena.

Todd comes out relaxed and friendly. His voice is strong and soulful and guitar was right on. The encores were one of the show's highlight with everyone on stage at once. All in all, I recommend this show for fans and non-fans alike.

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04/29/2005 - NB State Theatre - New Brunswick, NJ

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