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I'm a long time Todd & Utopia fan since 77 and I've seen some great & not so great shows but last night at the shitty State Theatre was one of the worst. Besides being in a venue with no air conditioner and lights that never went off in the rear orchestra area, Todd treated his fans to one of the sloppiest performances I have seen. I also hope Todd is reading some of these reviews because someone of his stature should pretty much put on a great show almost every night. To start off his vocals sucked ( I know he is not Celine Dion) but he was struggling. I was truly shocked with his sloppy guitar work and its fuckin about time he went & took some lessons at piano from the little old lady down his Hawaiian street. It's past the point of embarrassment. I think we as fans pay enough $$$ and wait long enough to enjoy a potentially great night of music from our so called hero without having to make excuses for him. There is no explanation for this legendary musician to put on a show as bad as he did last night especially if it was being taped. Since your sons play baseball, here is a little bit of info for ya Todd, the great Joe DiMaggio once told a teammate that the reason he played so hard every night of his career was because there might be some fan who never saw him play before. You should do the same for your faithful. Start playing some different stuff from your vast catalog . Yes Pretending To Care was truly beautiful but most of the rest of the performance sucked. Being the technical genius that you are there should not have been so many problems with everyone's set. I'm sorry if this upsets some people & believe me I love Todd but we deserve better.

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04/29/2005 - NB State Theatre - New Brunswick, NJ

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