Will the real Todd please stand up

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State Theater New Brunswick 4/29/05

I've been a Todd fan since 1974. Seen him- stopped counting at 20 times. Last solo show I was at was in Wolf's Den at Moheghan Sun.That show was OK, but it was then I started to notice Todd's disconnection with the audience.Poor song selection.I think Todd needs to allow his fans to be proud of what he has recorded.Last nights show was even more more distant for me.To be out performed by Joe Jackson is an embarrassment.Todd needed to perform closer to the songs he selected the way he recorded them.We all know the range Todd has but its time to sing the songs the way his fans want to here them.I hope he notices fans that feel the same way I do.Maybe he'll form a band for a re-union tour and bring back the Todd I knew and still love.

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04/29/2005 - NB State Theatre - New Brunswick, NJ

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