April 29th show

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Hmmmm. Folks are plenty upset with Todd. Now, this was only my third time seeing him and Joe as well. Both great artists. I thought the sound was quite good from where I was sitting. Dead center of the room.

Sure Todd was loose and maybe even too casual, but I dug it, if only to hear the songs he chose. I saw the Liars' show last year in Red Bank, NJ and liked it. It was heavy, it was... Todd. I thought he was amazing with Hall & Oates a few years back as well.

Like the Liars' show, when I saw JJ perform Heaven & Hell in NYC I think Joe got a similar reaction. New stuff. Poo.

That's why he (Joe) got the oldies out of the way that night (as Todd did with Hello, It's Me, tonight, as I noticed people heading towards the exits after the song... probably Joe fans) and did new stuff. Lots of it. These guys do push themselves when it comes to new albums.

But in the few times I've seen Todd I've seen totally different shows. Cool! Same with Joe. But I do hear the same songs with Joe. Playing it safe, I think, even on the live CD's. Joe may give the people what they want, but Todd gives 'em what they need! Yes, that's sort of a Prince quote. Yeah, the tickets were expensive. But I had shivers through Todd's entire set. Compassion. Lysistrata. Black Maria. Pretending to Care. And yes, it was warm in there. They cut Todd's set too?

Maybe the place was too big for this intimate event. I also think Joe had more fans there and folks were really restless and buzzed and (rude during Ethel's set) wanted to rock out. But the mellowness did leave me wanting more. Next time, I hope the crowd leaves their expectations at the tailgate party and my buddy John (who turned me on to Todd) is there. Grooving.

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04/29/2005 - NB State Theatre - New Brunswick, NJ

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