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I'd like to dispell any rumours of Todd Rundgren not giving a damn on this tour. In my humble opinion, the Beacon Theatre show as everything I'd hoped for, more. Yes, I was at the inspiration for this show last year at the Delacorte, and yes, it was magical. But you can't do something that's already been done and expect it to be the same every time unless you're watching a robot. Todd is far from that, it's one of the reasons I still enjoy going to see him. You already know the set list, so I'd just like to add that an acoustic version of "Play This Game" could be a welcome addition. Having said that, I'd also like to mention that I've been fortunate enough to live on both coasts ( San Francisco and New York) and right in-between (Chicago), and these seem to be places where Todd knows he has a solid (?) fan base, so I'm glad he does the "loopy" shows here, it's a big part of his connection and rapport with the audience.

On with the review:

Ethel is a curious warm-up for this show. I liked a lot of what they played but I don't think their musical choices were the best as stand alone pieces. It would be nice if there were more than a couple of collaborative efforts of all three.

Joe Jackson has made me a new fan, his vocal and musical performance was right on. He also seemed o be having fun this time, unlike last year when he was clearly uncomfortable.

Todd looked and sounded superb. Since he did live here ( a long time ago) it seems that he feels at home when he comes. And if you think he's not doing his "A" show when he's here, then maybe you are wasting your time and money. Or maybe you never got him in the first place.

Don't miss this show! I'm going to tomorrow night's in Poughkeepsie and I can't wait.

Could be, who knows....

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04/27/2005 - Beacon Theater - New York, NY

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