Todd/Joe Jackson - The Beacon NY, NY 4/27/05

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I was lucky enough to have seen this show at conception last summer in Central Park.

The Beacon theater is my favorite venue in NYC, I have seen Todd there many times in many incarnations.

The night started out with meeting Tampa Jim. What I love about Todd shows is seeing the familiar faces. This was not a Todd show. I saw some old friends but not that many.

I was surrounded by Joe fans (except ,thank goodness for two women behind me). I enjoyed Ethel but am all Etheled out. I really liked their last number.

So I think tomorrow I'll get there for the last number.

Joe is really a great performer. I can say I am now a Joe fan .

Todd was wonderful. Josh really said everything I felt.

I yelled out Please Play Hawking ( I was 6th row center) and He started to play it. I just yelled THANK YOU. WOW that song has POWER. I'm glad "Free Male and 21" was left out. And I am so sick of him banging the yuke (my opinion). Afterlife, Hawking, Beloved Infidel and Pretending to care were so awesome. Even the Joe fans on both sides of me were impressed. I love the rockers but the ballads really showcase his voice.

I am not very critical of Todd, I'm just grateful that I can still see him play every year in some shape and form. Sometimes he really sucks and doesn't seem to care. But most of the time he mesmerizes me with his talent and vocal range. So for those who keep asking. Yes I loved the show and can't wait for tomorrow. I'm just hoping for more Todd fans.


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04/27/2005 - Beacon Theater - New York, NY

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