Beacon Theater 4/27

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Tiny Demons
Black and White
Song of the Viking
Hello It's Me
Bang on the Uke
Hide Your Love Away
Beloved Infidel

Pretending to Care Weeps Black Maria

I cried during Pretending to Care. It was almost embarrassing that I truly needed a tissue.

I almost forgot about that song. I chose not to read any reviews, to try to keep this show something of a surprise, usually I'm all over them. I did know that TR performed it at the first show, but I guess I thought it was one of the solo songs, not performed with Joe and Ethel. So when it started, I had to catch my breath a bit. Perfect. Afterlife was a big surprise. I never particularly got into it, but acoustic it was beautiful.

Aside from the fact that TR's got it so together for this show: the voice is ON, the guitar is ON, hell, even the piano was close to flawless tonight, he just really seems to be enjoying himself up there. All of them do. It really shows, TR's always a goof and a cut up onstage, but for this show, his humor was different, more joyous and less biting and cutting and cynical. And when they're all onstage together, the fact that they're having a blast comes through loud and clear and makes everyone watching smile too.

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04/27/2005 - Beacon Theater - New York, NY

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