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This is actually my fifth time seeing Todd, if you count Utopia back in '87(?) opening for the Tubes in Utica,N.Y. I was 16 then! So, of course, I am allways hands down the youngest person at his shows (curiously, one of the few black people also,ha ha). Anyway, I thought the show was good. I had to take a cab from Brooklyn up to 76th and Broadway during a rainstorm so we got in halfway through Ethel's set unfortunately. I liked what I heard and the strings sounded good in the large theatre. Todd's performance was good and he was in a particularly jovial mood. Joe Jackson's set was also very well done. He is a very excellent pianist as well. Even Todd commented on how he was putting off going to the piano for as long as possible stating that is usually the best or worst segment of his performance. I've seen him drop the ball a few times. It just sounds to me like he doesn't practice. You can't get by on just genius all the time! As many other reviews have said Pretending To Care was like a bomb going off! If Todd ever feels like doing something for the sake of his fans (ha) he should consider recording that song with strings. At least record it live from the tour. Maybe even do a whole album of string arrangements? I mean it doesn't have the same street cred as bossa-nova but hey... There was a considerable amount of song requests being shouted out halfway through Todd. I assumed it was the alcohol kiking in. Speaking of which, I was up on the top balchony and am I the only one who was scared to death of plummetting down the almost vertical cement stairs at the Beacon? No hand rail and no foot lights whatsoever! Halfway through Todd's set my girlfriend went to get some drinks and the consession stands were allready closed. This was a surprise and a dissappointment. However, as the show went on many a half crocked baby boomer came stumbling up and down those steps giving me heart palpatations that started getting distracting! Good move to put away the booze early and avoid a law suite! Lastly I just want to mention the dedication of one Lia Corona! We were at the bar across the street after the show by 11pm. Got home, and got online at about 1:15 am and Lia had allready posted her review! Lia, you put the 'ass' in FAST!

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04/27/2005 - Beacon Theater - New York, NY

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