Beacon Show

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After the Kimmel show which was flawless and the best Todd solo performance I've seen, I decided to make the trip to NYC for the Beacon show. The vibes were different from the beginning, as noted talking in the audience etc. Once Todd started and many were still out in the lobby I knew he wouldn't like it. After the first song locm is when he made the comment about loppy/sloppy as many were just returning to their seats. He did center himself to put on a three and one half star performance.. hawking was resounding, afterlife and tiny demons great. To say a musician possibly the best producer/composer/player/singer alive "sucks" speaks volumes about the writer not performer. So what if Todd gets pissed at times, it's usually the audience vibes that affects his attitude... btw I was at the infamous crocidile show where he just walked off the stage.

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04/27/2005 - Beacon Theater - New York, NY

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