Warner Theater 4/26/05

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The show at the Warner Theatre was highly anticipated. I was curious to see how these three artists, Todd, Joe and Ethel were going to mesh. Ethel started the evening with a tone that seem to fit the venue's ambience. Joe Jackson came out and was endearing and humble with humor . Joe was on his game. I had not seen Joe perform live, so it was a delight. Favorites from Joe: Love at first Light and definitely Real Men.

Todd was the third act tonight. I love Todd and I see Todd every year. I'm a "Todd Head", but tonight I wasn't swooning. My "Hero" was in this wonderful venue but he was sloppy and as my friend said," jarring at times". The sound mix was poor. He'd forget lyrics, lose his place and he couldn't hit the high notes. All this made for a show that was only a shadow of what the man can lay on an audience. Todd does very well making light of his apparent mishaps. was relatively pleased with the set list but was hoping for more to make up for the many blunders. I was also happy he was doing Black and White ( big fav), but the crunchy acoustic guitar mixed poorly with his vocals. It sort a felt like a rehearsal.

Lysistrada was great and Pretending to Care (pass me the tissues) was the one piece that truly worked with Ethel. While my Guitar Gently Weeps was also great and brought the house to a standing ovation.

2 years ago I saw a show in Towson, MD at the Regency Theater that was the best solo show I've ever seen. He was flawless. My best friend and I both had goose bumps. I saw that show a week after the worst show I"d ever seen. A very poor vocal performance at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Va.

I wish the Tour the very best and I will always see Todd whenever he returns. Hell, I don't take for granted that he spoils us touring yearly as he does. I just hate to see him stumble.

So til next time....And I'm still digging Liars!

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04/26/2005 - Warner Theatre - Washington, DC

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