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After seeing the Rams Head show the other night, I decided the day before the Warner show that I would like to go. I thought the show at the Rams Head was great but that the venue was not conducive to this kind of show and wanted to see it in a theatre setting. I was able to score a second row seat the day of the show and was thrilled. I was a little nervous when Todd broke a string during the first song and hoped that he was going to have a good night. I won't post the set list as it has already been done, but Todd did mix it up a little from the other night. He messed up a little on the intro to "Viking Song," but laughed it off and said that our "enthusiasm made him nervous." I was glad to see that he was in good spirits and wasn't going to let that stuff get to him. He pulled off "HIM" really well and seemed to really be enjoying himself. It was nice to be at a show where there wasn't a constant din going on all around me and people actually paid to see a show rather than get drunk and talk all night. I'm sure they appreciated it much more, also. I thought he may have gotten a little perturbed when someone yelled out "don't break a string" and he patted the Takamine and said "talk to the box." He then said "it's not like I'm up here saying 'I hope I break a string, I hope I break a string'." I didn't blame him for having a (slight) attitude. We all know shit happens and some things can't be helped.

During Joe's set when he talked about always doing a song written by someone else, someone yelled out the obligatory "Freebird." This always makes me laugh as it has become such a clich⁄ and everyone knows it. Everyone in the audience laughed and Joe said, "I'm sure it was witty, but I didn't hear it." Too bad; I'm sure he would have had a great comment on that one!

The encore, as usual, came off really great! You can tell that Ethel is really getting into it the more they do it and are really enjoying it. As I was leaving I heard a lot of people saying how great the show was and that made me feel good. I could tell that some people had no idea what to expect. The people behind me weren't there during Ethel's set and when they came out for the encore, they were like "what's that?" I think people were really blown away by WMGGW and Black Maria.

I'm glad that I was able to catch two shows during this tour and really enjoyed them both.

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04/26/2005 - Warner Theatre - Washington, DC

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