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Todd Rundgren fans were treated in style, if not stylishly, for the Tuesday night performance at The Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. only blocks away from the White House.

One thing is for sure, there is no pleasing every fans' hopes and or expectations when it comes to any performar decides the treat their guests to musically. But when you have a theater set up as the Warmner, plushly welcoming and intimate and still able to house a large audience, and an opening act as talented and riveting and as tight as ETHEL, add the quietly charming Joe Jackson. you are on your way with style.

I can't wait to see what ETHEL wil be creating next! They could support many groups in this format and were excellent alone and as accompanists. I knew that Joe would be tied down to the piano (oh stop it!) and play us his accomplished repetoitre gracefully and all the other reviewers were not immune to his "obvious" audience flirtation played out to perfection.

Todd then has the op top walk on out and be himself, loosen it all up, and play some tunes along the way. He really couldn't go wrong, except that he seems to be playing the shows with other artists fans in the audience as the primary target..... Opening ad infinitum with the difficult to play/sing Love Of The Common Man? Hello. It's A Crapshoot......

The only reason I'm writing is because there were truly graceful, poignent and beautiful songs performed amidst the Something?Anything show...... It probably seems right on paper considering JJ fans, but the opening night practice didn't seem that far away in retrospect.

Open with "Beloved Infidel" and you'll have the audience eating out of your hand!

Bury it to late in a short set, and you left me wondering where that clever Accapella tour guy was who opened with "Born To Synthesize" As strong as you get playing solo! I'm an admitted finnicky set list guy with 30+ shows under my belt who now "hopes for the best, expects the worst." and usually walk away pretty happy.

I just think a liitle more set review could go a long way in my continued TR fandom.

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04/26/2005 - Warner Theatre - Washington, DC

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