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I have read the reviews for DC and wanted to add a few comments.I thought that both Joe and Ethel played very well last night. As akways, I enjoyed Todds set as well.

I had a great time, but this was not Todd's best performance. He seemed to be able to stay positive and there were some awesome moments. There were many mistakes. But I want to be clear that this is not ment to be like the Florida comments. I beieve there are always mistakes at concerts, but it is so much easier to notice them during solo shows. Pretending to care was amazing. I loved afterlife and can't wait to hear it later on after Todd gets used to it solo. Hearing I Saw The Light bosso style was a very nice surprise.

I have read tons of reviews and saw 2 shows. Todd still has it, cares about the show and his performance. While it was not the best solo show I have ever seen, still had a great time. Very nice to see so many fans that I have gotten to know all these years. And I finally got a pick, been trying forever.

I was not excited about this tour. But Todd, Joe and Ethyl won me over. The encores with everyone was worth it.

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04/26/2005 - Warner Theatre - Washington, DC

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