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Another fine show, boys and girls. After a lovely ride to the theater in a convertible and a fabulous meal at the Old Ebbit Grill (good service is a wonderful thing!), we hoofed it a couple of blocks to Washington's venerable Warner Theatre – an intimate, turn-of-the-last-century gilded lady…. This is an adult show, and the Warner was the perfect setting.

Ethel's set was tight and they held the attention of staid Washingtonians throughout the set. It appears that their set was one piece shorter than the performance I saw in Baltimore…. And played in a slightly different order… but I as I was there for a good time, I didn’t wrack my brain too hard trying to note the titles. This was the right crowd to appreciate what this group is doing. Particularly engaging is the Finnish (or was it Icelandic) fiddle tune they played. When they tell you they're going to play some fiddle music, hang on, you're in for a ride.

Set changes were fast and gave just enough time to run to the bar, rest room, or escape the uncomfy seats. Some vestiges of the technical problems that plagued the tour early on were still in evidence to the watchful eye. In-ear monitor levels needed attention, audio levels were fouled up during the all-performer finale, and it appeared that there was a bad connection on the viola's pickup. Ickiest of these was a D or an A string that came loose during Todd's opening number. He said later something to the effect of, "You know, I was just thinking, 'just wait, I'm going to bust a string' and poof, there it was." Something plagued his focus here and there through the show, but the expression was right on. Showstopper? Pretending to Care. The suited and bespectacled Washington crowd was the epitome of white folks at a concert – for the most part sitting politely with hands folded, then erupting into appreciative applause and plenty of o-o-o-vations.

One of our crowd is a Todd fan who hasn't seen a show in 10 years, and she LOVED it. The four of us agreed we would really like to see these guys do a whole show arranged for piano, string quartet, and guitar – the way the finale was done. There's certainly plenty of Todd material that would work in that format! And I already have a list going in my head!

Thanks to my buddy's husband Jim for the Joe Jackson setlist:
Stepping Out
Awkward Age
Take it Like a Man
Be my Number 2
It's Obvious
Love at First Light
Hello Hello Who's your Lady friend (Joe performs this vintage 1913 pop song in a soon-to-be-released Disney film)
Different for Girls
Citizen Sane
Is She Really Going out With Him   

Todd's set for this show:

Love of the Common Man (had to switch guitars in 1st chorus) I Don't Want to Tie You Down I Saw the Light Black and White Viking Song It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference Hello It's Me Bang the Drum Beloved Infidel Afterlife Lysistrata


Joe Jackson & Ethel: Real Men Todd & Ethel: Pretending to Care

All: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

All: Black Maria

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04/26/2005 - Warner Theatre - Washington, DC

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