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I had been traveling for 8 days and I was really looking forward to this show, despite the widely varying reviews posted here. Kenny, who has attended many Todd shows with me, got some great seats, third row center. Nothing wrong with that!!!! As usual, we had two new Todd inductees with us.

Ethel was unique and enjoyable. It was my first times seeing Joe Jackson perform. I know and love his music, so I enjoyed it. His voice was not quite up the key that his older songs were written, but he tried hard.

On the other hand, Todd’s voice was great! I have been a faithful Todd fan for twenty five years. I have seen some great shows; I have seen some not-so-great shows. This was somewhere in the middle. His acoustic guitar work was a bit off, in my opinion. Todd was much better on “foamy” on “...Gently Weeps” and “Black Maria”. What an awesome sound with Ethel on “Black Maria”. Joe’s backing vocal added to it also. I was pleased that Todd took a chance with “Beloved Infidel” and “The Afterlife”. I will be dusting off my Individualist CD. I forgot how good that much underrated album was.

Once again my wife was shooting me strange looks when Todd was hamming it up, like I had something to do with it. What’s up with that guys? Next time I am bringing my girlfriend!

I agree with J. Han’s review. With all three teams playing, it would have been spectacular.

Come on Todd, we still love you and we are not just pretending to care.

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04/26/2005 - Warner Theatre - Washington, DC

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