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So Robbie White says this was one of the top 5 best concerts he's ever seen. So that must mean he's only seen 4 others? And "Deadsexy"..clearly you were not at the same show as everyone else. The show was not to be a loud and proud rock and roll show...so if that's why you came then I can see why you were disappointed..too bad that your tastes are not varied enough to appreciate other types of music and variations of familiar music.

That being said... the concert was 'ok" for me. In a nutshell...Joe Jackson pretty much took the show. His voice seemed strong with a few mishaps as is the case with any solo performance. But, he comes across as a bit shy and reticent to speak which..when he does speak, makes it all the more interesting. Polished. Ethel...can't say enough about them.. great alone and excellent support to TR and JJ.

TR came out and promptly broke a string within 10 seconds of the 1st tune. I think at least I'm being consistent when I say..Todd was either not that good or his performance is just more of the same. Same songs (save for 1 or 2 new ones) same missing of the high notes..a bit louder sound than with Joe which I found a bit off putting. "Afterlife" what was that all about? It started off ok then promptly turned into a race of which would finish first..Todd's singing or Todd's guitar? The absolute 100% no question about it highlight as far as TR goes is his version of "Pretending to Care" which so far everyone seems to agree was a heart tugger..as it always has and will be.

So as far as TR goes...more of the same for me...and more of the same lately means....."ok".

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04/26/2005 - Warner Theatre - Washington, DC

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