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well folks after seeing 3 in a row, i would put this one in the middle of the 3...joe and ethyl had fab responses to their sets and they were pretty much on stride--the pacing is now being played with to great effect by joe- his tunes slow down at the curves and it is the best of the 3 shows of his ive seen now...ethyl had a very positive reaction at both last 2 nites.....

as for our hero, the nite started out decent on gtr for tr but the pain-o, i mean piano was problematic at times..viking was stopped and started over and he glided through some mistakes in iwhmad and him that now dont jar like they once did...todd has made it a point (ive heard both on the tapes from other shows and the 3 i went to) to stop calling himself on em..good idea and allows some in the audience to miss em all together.....in keeping with his vocal progression, the nite showed some neat inflections, different adlibs-and istl was sweet-prob the best tune of the nite

john and i saw sara after the show and she pointed out that this was the something/anything show. no doubt::.from s/a: HIM, IWHMAD, VIKING, ISTL, MARIA. also i dont know a show where lysistrata has ever closed the show............very very odd setlist, but they all are short for this tour. infidel and afterlife were nice....crowd gave nice applause but i dont think were ready for lys to be the last tune...........people were surprised his set was over...PTC is the thing we came for and it didnt disappoint

encores all garnered standing o's........esp weeps (what was that residents album 'songs for swinging larvae'??) todd was surprised the way they freaked..i was thinking by his response that maybe a twinge of him was thinking like me.."i thought these people were educated"..hence the book-learned response to beatles tunes-it was way over the top for a tune weve heard todd do for quite a while now..but they all ate it up-even the maria closer got em off their feet..

what a great few days -it is always my duty to see the man laying down the vibe when he comes to town.......and if you look at the setlists, we are getting em mixed up pretty good now and this nite was a prime example..those of you not there yet, you'll love it and i know it will keep growing into something better and better-wish i could be there with ya in the midwest and UK to see it..............no, thank god and todd, you and i havent finished this dance..........cherish it, you never know how many more times any of us have...........peace...mr rogers (in a cardigan, listening to gary wilson)

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04/26/2005 - Warner Theatre - Washington, DC

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