TR, JJ and Ethel in Philadelphia

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Great concert! Just a few thoughts on the show...

A cello shaped building, cello colored. Rows of seats stretch along the walls like curving strings. The performers stand underneath a beautiful set of pipes.

Joe Jackson was outstanding. Wow. Ethel was beautiful. Great repertoire. The connection and communication between the quartet’s musicians was clearly revealed as they played. They just came together and embodied the music. During one entrancing, meditative piece inspired by Indian music, the cellist Dorothy Lawson seemed to be completely at one with her instrument. The "fiddling piece" was pleasure, happiness and harmony. Loved it when they used the violins as drums!

After JJ and Ethel, TR came out and blew everyone away. Todd’s voice was beautiful! The entire show was phenomenal, but here are a few highlights:

“Lysistrata” was fiery and passionate.
“I Don’t Want to Tie You Down”, played with quiet tender sweetness.
“Afterlife”, b e a u t i f u l on guitar.
“Cliché” was special and new, and I think Todd sang it at a slower tempo, I just fully soaked up every note.
“You’ve got to Hide Your Love Away”, was moving, deep, truthful.
“One World”, The hall rang with everyone singing, “It’s a World!-- -”
“Black Maria”, WOW

Todd, Joe and Ethel really had chemistry and sounded great together. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

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04/24/2005 - Kimmel Center - Philadelphia, PA

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