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Todd's performance at the Kimmel Theatre was nothing short of amazing. The only thing I could have asked for was MORE of Todd! The venue was so classy and the acoustics were perfect. I was in the front row of one of the tiers and while I would have liked to have been closer, I don't think there was a bad seat in the house.

I took a friend, not necessarily a Todd fan, and he enjoyed the performance immensely. It was extremely gracious of Todd to allow Ethel the honor of performing all the guitar solos in "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". I just wished my friend had gotten to see TR play some of the solo but the performance was spectular.

When I walked into the Kimmel, I said if Todd doesn't play "The Hawking" in this venue, I will think he is a total idiot. Of course, I wouldn't have really thought that, but I couldn't imagine him not using the serene peaceful atmosphere of Verizon Hall to showcase "The Hawking". It reminded me of a similiar performance in FLA, Eckard Hall, where he ended the show with "The Hawking" and you could have heard a pin drop. Last night's performance was equally as stirring and he did justice to all the songs in his set but especially this one. I did miss "Compassion" and wished his set at the piano had been a little longer but hey, there was no flubs on "Hello It's Me" and the improvision of vocals on all his numbers gave his performance a special twist that none of us will forget.

I hope all of you are treated to TR at his best in the upcoming shows. I am eagerly awaiting the New Brunswick show! My thanks to TR for being the BEST.......and we all know he truly is!

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04/24/2005 - Kimmel Center - Philadelphia, PA

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