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Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center was the perfect venue for this tour. It is the new home of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Hell, TR proclaimed that it was the best his Ukulele had ever sounded. JJ commented that the only reason they let them in to a place like this was because they brought along a string quartet.

TR seemed very chatty this evening. I don't remember TR acknowledging any flubs during a song. In fact, he seemed to be attacking every song as if Utopia was playing behind him. However, prior to playing songs, he would make fun of his own "playing style". He once commented that one reason for the flubs is that he always tries to find something new in each song, each performance, which gives him something new to stumble over while playing.

At one point, TR seemed to be getting nostalgic. He talked about Philly being his original hometown and having a basement apartment a few blocks away. But, then he brought up the time he was stopped by the police and detained for not having the proper ID.... Frank Rizzo !!!

I was amazed. It appeared that TR played HIM at the request of an audience member. Being in the first row, I shouted out Hawking. I couldn't believe it when he actually played it.

As I had thought, Pretending to Care was worth the price of admission alone. TR's vocals were spot on and Ethels accompaniment echoed the haunting background vocals from a Capella. Hopefully, somewhere on the tour, you will see more of the collaborative set of TR, JJ and Ethel. There is something magical about the combination of theses musicians.

All the stars seemed to be in alignment tonight. It was the perfect venue, with an appreciative and vocal crowd, and the performers rose to the task.

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04/24/2005 - Kimmel Center - Philadelphia, PA

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