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First things first: Todd NAILED this show. Made lots of jokes about his troubling performances of the past, which were much funnier to those who follow along with the tour online. His performance was stunning (although I think he might have flubbed one chord in "Hello It's Me").

There's not much to say that hasn't been said in other reviews of other shows. The usual setlists from both Joe and Todd, but I was pleasantly surprised (didn't scroll down far enough in the reviews, I guess) by the addition of "The Other Me" to the encore, which is probably in my top 5 favorite Joe Jackson songs of all time.

I have a new favorite group: Ethel. These folks blew me away, although I must admit that when they took the stage, they reminded me of Manhattan Transfer in their appearance. If you're not into modern compositions for string quartet, you might want to come late, but I suggest arriving early and expanding your listening repertoire.

One last rant: SHUT THE **** UP. It never ceases to amaze me when people think their ticket is a license to get hammered and act like an ***hole. This is not a "rock concert" in the standard sense of the term, and you are not 21 anymore. Believe it or not, some people actually came to listen to the music, not you yelling just because you're in love with the sound of your own voice. I'm all for loads of hooting, hollering and clapping, but not in the middle of "Hawking", for the love of God! Also, you are not important enough to be receving or making cell phone calls in the middle of the concert, unless a loved one is on the brink of death, and if that's the case, why are you at a concert?. If I had good aim, you would have found yourself on the receiving end of whatever projectiles I could find.

Sorry, had to get that out. Anyway, it was a wonderful way to spend an evening, even if I'm dragging a bit at work this morning. Don't miss this show.

In response to "A Todd Rundgren Phanatic":

At what point did I say that I showed no enthusiasm for Todd? I was clapping, cheering, whistling, and so on. What I did was show respect for other audience members, which it sounds like you don't have (based on your last sentence to me). The incident which prompted my rant was a woman talking very loudly during Joe Jackson's performance of "Love At First Light". She was obviously "altered" in some manner, and wasn't showing her "appreciation". She was showing her complete lack of concern and caring for others who paid their money to see and HEAR the show. Same with the cell phone guy. He was having a CONVERSATION in the middle of a song. I guess by your standards, that's okay. To me, there's a time and place for yelling out slogans in support of Todd. In the middle of an exquisite version of "Hawking" is not one of them.

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04/24/2005 - Kimmel Center - Philadelphia, PA

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