April 23rd at the Rams Head Live

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The show Saturday night at the Rams Head Live in Baltimore was AWESOME!!! Todd was in great spirits and it really showed in his performance. I think that having the day before as an "off" day worked wonders for his cold as there was really no trace of it during the show. He really nailed the show and I was glad to hear "Afterlife" performed, as well as "A Dream Goes on Forever" (always thrilled to hear that one)!! I saw no broken strings and very few mistakes for that matter. "HIM" was great, as was "Song of the Viking." He seemed to be very confidant in his performance which I believe was a big part in it coming off as well as it did. Having seen his solo shows many times at the Rams Head in Annapolis, which is billed as a "listening room,"I have to say that I do prefer that venue to this one, but since that only holds 250 people to the new Rams Head's 1,600 total capacity, I can see why a bill like this would have to be held at a bigger venue. Like others have mentioned, there was a constant din at this show which could be very distracting. I will never understand people that come to a show only to talk during the whole thing. There were a few people standing next to me who were only there to see Joe Jackson and, I must say I was very happy when they decided to leave after his performance. Considering that they were talking during his portion of the show (which was very annoying), I can only imagine what they would have done during Todd's performance. Even though it is great being down front where the action is at a show like this, I believe that you are really too close to get the full effect of how it should sound. This having only been my second time at this venue, and having stood on the second level the last time, I believe the sound is much better up there. Also, having to stand for 4 hours does take a toll on you after awhile (I guess I'm showing my age here), but it is Todd and I wouldn't have missed it for the world!!!

Not to leave anyone out, I also enjoyed Joe and Ethel very much. I thought the end of the show with all of the performers was especially good. "Real Men" and "Pretending to Care" sounded great. Ethel seemed to really enjoy playing with these guys. I think that this tour will only get better as it goes on. Get out and see it when you can!!

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04/23/2005 - Ramshead Live - Baltimore, MD

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