Baltimore Rams Head live 4/23

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Here I sit, writing my review of Saturday's show…. Only moments before my buddies pick me up for tonight's show at the fabulous Warner Theatre.

All the other reviewers have touched on this, so I will too. Ram's Head Live was pretty dang full for the Elf and the Wizard. And Ethel was a real treat. But man, what a rude and inconsiderate crowd. The reception was pretty good, and very vocal appreciation for Joe Jackson. Plus we had a nice view close above the stage at a second-level railing (no seats is okay—gotta stay in shape, y'know).

It was as if half the people there paid a 5 dollar cover charge and didn't give a rat's bottom who was on the stage.

This of course irked me, as I am busily writing down song titles on my friend's shoulder (she's short!). Finally I had to turn around and "speak" to the meatheads who were bellowing at each other right into the back of my head. "Dude I didn't pay 50 bucks to listen to YOU!" finally got my message across. Good thing I'm a girl or I'd probably have a shiner.

These guys are putting on a very adult show – about 4 stops short of ushers and programs. So the Warner should be just about the right place to see it. But I hope the rest of you old fogeys don't sit on your butts all night!

Izzat Rock Love in Action or what?

Chard Remains

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04/23/2005 - Ramshead Live - Baltimore, MD

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