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I figure we all remember things like our first kiss, first home run, first best friend.....so tonight, I surprised my 12 year old son with his first concert.. And of course I decided to present him with the best singer for his first live show. He thought it would be like the American Idol shows with the crowd holding up "GoTodd" signs and excitment in the crowd. He thought I would be creeping my way to the front seats so I could touch Todds toes. He thought I would sling my bra up on stage in a passion play for a date with Todd. The only things he expected that came true were me tearing up seeing and hearing Todd. And that he would have an "awesome time that rocked".

Ethel started the show and amazed the crowd with instrumental talents beyond ordinary. Even if you hated string sounds, they would impress you enough to want to hear them again. Their enhancement to the ending of the show with both Todd /guitar and Joe/ piano made an impact on me kicking myself that I didn't push my kids harder to practice viola and cello in fouth grade.

As Joe Jackson started to sing and the feelings from an 'awkward age' came back to me, I was shocked that I hadn't remembered him in 20 plus years. I could almost taste Mad Dog 20/20 on my tongue from underage drinking as I mouthed the words to Steppin' Out. It was a warm fuzzy buzz to be part of the crowd joining in "here" and "where." Loved it !!!! And my kid says he loves the song. Now I gotta hit Boarders and get CDs tomorrow.

So I am primed when Todd takes the stage and opens with one of my favorite songs. Although I am not sure I mailed him my choice play list....he got it. I got to hear live what I have been playing in vinyl on what my kids call the large black CD player. Swaying in my seat I tried to not belt out the songs with him. A guitar and a voice. A piano and a voice. His voice. WOW. Even though this was far from my first concert (Alpine Valley Wisconsin back in Feet Don't Fail Me Now 1981), it was fresh. It was not a major production and the sniffles, jokes, broken strings, coughs, and blown light added to the Only Human performance. The audience was drawn in tight and joked right along with him. Definitely an "awesome time that rocked" but I shoulda did the sling thing.

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04/21/2005 - Forum Auditorium - Harrisburg, PA

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